Favorite Books Of 2016!

Yay, here's the happier version of my last post! 2016 surely had many, many downs, but one positive part was the amount of good books I read this year. Here goes, in no order whatsoever : 

1. Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

This book. 
It is so, so, so good. 
This is my very first Gillian Flynn book, and I absolutely loved it. People tell me her other two books are better than this, so I can't wait to get my hands on them either. 

2. The Ocean At The End Of The Lane, Neil Gaiman

See? I told you I like Neil Gaiman.
This is one of my absolute (I'll be saying that a lot in this post) favorite books of all time. The writing is just so beautiful. I can't even put it in words, I love this so much! No doubt the best Neil Gaiman book I've ever read. 

3. All The Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr

The reason I'm not writing so much about these books is because I want to write full length reviews on them later on. 
I read this very recently, and I cannot express how much I loved it. I just want to fill this entire space with compliments on this book. The characters, the writing, the story, the way everything connects in the end ; it's an absolute masterpiece.

4. The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini 

We all know I love this book. Read more about my ramblings here

5. The Neighbour, Lisa Gardner

We all know I love this one too. Read even more of my ramblings here, if you like.

There we go! 5 of my many favorites of 2016. What were your favorite reads last year? Tell me about them!

Have a great new year. Keep smiling :)


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