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Evoking Emotion Through Writing

Another brilliant video from Jenna Moreci (can you tell I'm obsessed with her? I hope not) explaining how to evoke emotion through your writing.
One of the many complaints I got from beta readers was that my writing failed to touch them. It is a serious issue. Readers will get bored of a book that they can't connect with. Jenna explained it in an easy-to-understand way, and I hope this helps other writers as much as it helped me.
ALSO check out the prologue and first two chapters to Jenna's new book, The Savior's Champion, on her blog here :

What If No One Believes In Me?

I HAD TO SHARE THIS. It's absolutely perfect. Almost all writers go through the bullying phase where no one believes that they are capable, or that writing is even a career choice. This video is for all those who have been told that writing is going to make you a 'homeless failure' one day. 
All the thanks in the world to Jenna Moreci for making this. You go, girl.

Alex Rider : Anthony Horowitz

Who doesn't love a good teen spy novel? Alex Rider is one of my favorite (dare I say, my only favorite) spy series. Anthony Horowitz has created the most memorable main character, the 'reluctant hero', who is thrust into a world of villains, heroes, and lots of secrets. 
There are 9 books in the series, and one prequel; all of which are absolutely awesome. It's action-packed, thrilling, and gives me a sense of adrenaline even before I open the book. 

There are different versions of covers, but the version above is the most beautiful. 
Every villain in each book is different. They all have their own story, and sometimes you find yourself feeling sorry for them. Some have been victims of racism, some have been deprived of their rights. But in the end, you will hate every one of them. Their deaths are also very satisfying. Each gets an end they deserve. 

The Vamps - Shout About It

Has absolutely nothing to do with writing whatsoever, but I couldn't help myself. It's a great song.

Help Make The World A Better Place

I wanted to let everyone know about the Random Acts Of Kindness foundation. It is a foundation founded by the amazing Misha Collins, and it inspires kindness in schools, homes, on the streets, anywhere in general. 
Please visit their website,, and do something to help bring a bit more kindness in the world. 
Be kind to one another.

My Best Reads Of 2015

It's been a chaotic year, but 2015 is finally coming to an end. Every year is an year for new books, and the amount I've read is overwhelmingly large. I've picked out a few, in no order whatsoever, that I thought were the most memorable. 
In The Unlikely Event - Judy Blume Judy Blume has put together a story of three generations, following 15 year old Miri Ammerman, and how three plane crashes changed hers and many others lives. Family, friends, and strangers are brought together in this touching tale, each generation passing on love and friendship to the other. I personally liked it a lot, because not only is Judy Blume a childhood favorite, but the hauntingly beautiful way each person's life is woven together. It is definitely a book I am reluctant to lend to other people.

Room - Emma Donoghue

This is one book that left a lasting impression on me. The minute I turned the last page, I had a empty feeling, as though I didn't know what to do with life now that I had fin…

What Is Stronger : Your Goals, Or Your Insecurities?

Recently, I have been having some problems staying confident about the novel I’m working on. I kept thinking that every line I wrote was not good enough. These insecurities have always been with me, ever since I started to write, but over the last few weeks, they had become much too difficult to handle.
Yesterday, these insecurities became too problematic, and in a moment of desperation and impulse, I posted a question on Jenna Moreci’s blog. She is a talented writer, who has written a book called 'Eve : The Awakening' (I'd recommend it, it's awesome). I wrote about how I’ve been having confidence problems for some time, and I asked her how to get over it.  This is what she told me: How do you stay confident? You don’t. Who said writers are confident? Moments of doubt and insecurity kinda come with the territory. The only thing that separates a published author from an unpublished writer is the fact that the author had the courage to get the book done. If you’re waiting …

Don't Give Up

Writing is hard. Sitting at the laptop, your butt numb from being pressed against the hard chair for too long, your fingers cramped, and your eyes bloodshot - writing is probably the most painful thing I have ever put upon myself. Both physically and mentally. All us aspiring writers are almost the same. We like the same things (preferably Netflix, coffee, books, and sweatpants), and we hate the same things (mostly bras, parties, social gatherings, family reunions, anything with any kind of socializing whatsoever). Most importantly, we LOVE writing. It’s a lust that was probably instilled in us since the youngest ages possible, followed shortly after the new found passion for reading. Now, it’s not as if all writers are exactly the same. First of all, no two books are exact replicas of each other. The English alphabet consists of 26 letters (would you believe I actually had to take a minute to count that?), and we are just one mass civilization using those letters in completely different,…

I Am A Writer.

I am a writer. Or at least, I aspire to be one. 
I haven't yet made a mind blowing, record breaking, top-of-the-charts book, but I like to think I am getting there. 
This blog is for me to record my writing journey, and to share them with the world. There will be tips, articles, experiences; anything that is related to writing. Hopefully, I will be of some benefit to other aspiring writers like me. 
Here's to the new beginning of a long adventure. 

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