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6 Study Help Websites

Now, I know this isn't a blog about studying, its about books and writing, but I believe studying is somewhat involved in both those things. This may be the most serious post I've ever made on this blog, but please bear with me. 
My exams are coming up, so I decided to share my top 6 study websites that I use. 
Keep in mind, I am a GCE O'Level student, so these may be more useful for O'level students, but I think everyone can use these nevertheless. 

1. GCE Study Buddy

This website is probably the most useful one for me. It provides study notes, summarized and made into easy-to-understand formats, with mindmaps, and questions. It may not look the best, and maybe my summary may not sound too interesting, but it has helped me and lots of my friends a lot. There is an incredibly wide range of subjects, and I always find what I'm looking for, no matter how specific.

2. My Study Life

This is a website I'm sure many of you can use. It's like a paper planner, except it …


My wattpad account may not be as interesting as this blog (not like this blog is that interesting, but hey, a little self promotion never hurt anyone), but it would mean a lot to me if you guys would check it out nevertheless.
Wattpad Account : TheAnonAlien
I've written a few stories, and I'm working on my novel, When The Little One Speaks, so I can use all the support I get. Thank you so much. 
Keep writing :)

Book Review : The Kite Runner

I read this book at midnight in one sitting. Didn't put it down once. I didn't even notice the tears silently running down my face when I finished. 

The Kite Runner is a moving story about the friendship between two boys, the hardships one has to face, regrets, love, and redemption.  There is Amir, a rich boy with all the luxury one can have in life, and there is Hassan, the servant boy in Amir's household, living in a mere broken down shack behind Amir's mansion. These two boys have a strong bond. Hassan is willing to do anything for Amir. One day, this loyalty Hassan has for Amir changes both their lives.  It is so touching, so moving. I can't even exaggerate with this book. I have read Hosseini's 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' as well (review on that coming soon), but personally, Kite Runner is the champion. None of Hosseini's other books can beat the position this book has in my heart.  The writing style, the plot line, everything is so perf…

Book Review : The Neighbor, Lisa Gardner

This is by far one of the absolute best psychological thrillers I have ever read.

I love psychological thrillers, and this book is definitely on my top 5. It is so, so well written, I could cry.  Lisa Gardner has written a deep, disturbing story about a family with a secret. Maybe not A secret, quite a lot of secrets. The entire story line is so well developed. You suspect one person from the start, and it ends up being someone else entirely. I love it so much.  This is what I wrote on goodreads:
The first page doesn't plunge into action. It drags you in slowly, and keeps you hanging by the last line of the first chapter. What you expect is never what is real. 
Every character in this book is amazing. Ree, Jason, Sandra; they are all so unbelievably real. Each person is so torn, like broken china dolls put hastily together by white glue; each piece ready to fall apart with one touch. I loved every one of them. 
I really can't write a spoiler-free review about this book, …

My Top 5 Book Covers Of March

One of the first things we notice about a book is, whether you agree or not, the cover. I personally find myself only half as interested in a book with an uninteresting cover than in a book with an interesting one. I have rounded up my recently favorite book covers into the best five.

So here, in no particular order, goes my top 5 book covers of March.

1. The Martian (Andy Weir)

The Martian really captures my eye, with the beautiful orange faded design. I love it's simplicity. The book itself is about an astronaut who gets left behind on Mars, and has to survive on the utilities available and find a way to get back to Earth. Haven't read it yet, but am looking forward to.

A Quick Apology

I haven't updated this blog in months. There are many book reviews I would like to add here, but just haven't gotten to, so I'm sorry about that. Will be many more updates in the near future. 

Book Review : The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman

SPOILERS!! .... (well, duh)
For my birthday this month, I received a few books to add to my shelf (including the entire set of The Hunger Games - I had to brag about that in here somewhere). The Graveyard Book was one of them, and it was up high in my reading list as well. So, when I got it, I was thrilled. However, the result wasn't what I expected. 

The book takes you on a journey through Nobody Owens's life in a graveyard, where he is being brought up by the ghosts residing there. When he was just a baby, his entire family is killed by a man called Jack, and he was the only survivor. He had toddled up a hill and entered the graveyard, not knowing what had happened to his family, not knowing how much his life was about to change.