6 Study Help Websites

Now, I know this isn't a blog about studying, its about books and writing, but I believe studying is somewhat involved in both those things. This may be the most serious post I've ever made on this blog, but please bear with me. 
My exams are coming up, so I decided to share my top 6 study websites that I use. 
Keep in mind, I am a GCE O'Level student, so these may be more useful for O'level students, but I think everyone can use these nevertheless. 

1. GCE Study Buddy

This website is probably the most useful one for me. It provides study notes, summarized and made into easy-to-understand formats, with mindmaps, and questions. It may not look the best, and maybe my summary may not sound too interesting, but it has helped me and lots of my friends a lot. There is an incredibly wide range of subjects, and I always find what I'm looking for, no matter how specific.

2. My Study Life

This is a website I'm sure many of you can use. It's like a paper planner, except it has a lot more facilities than a simple paper planner. Just enter your schedule for the year, with all your classes, exams, and tasks; the planner does the rest for you. It's a perfect organizing tool for students of all grades. This might benefit college students more, as the format is originally based on college, but it can be used to full advantage nevertheless. 

3. BBC Bitesize

Provides a bitesize of information, perfectly summarized, on whichever subject you are searching for. The home page may only include countries of England, but it's useful for me, and I'm from South Asia.

4. TED-Ed

One of my favorite YouTube channels. The above link takes you to their website, but you can find them on YouTube easily. They have beautifully animated clips of information. They are entertaining and engaging. TED-Ed doesn't always have the specific subjects you are searching for your exams, but they have riddles, inspirational talks, history, geography, writing, and many many more. I love it. It doesn't necessarily help with my exams, but it's a fun website to go to when I'm in need of a break. Relaxing, fun, and educational. 

5. Crash Course

Who doesn't love TheVlogBrothers? John and Hank Green made this amazing channel on YouTube, which is entertaining and incredibly educational. There is almost everything you are looking for, from biology, physics, chemistry, economics, psychology, history, philosophy, politics; need I go on? This is the best website on this list, I highly recommend this. 

6. GoConqr

Last but not least, this is a great website for mind-map lovers. There are more facilities to this site, but for me, the mind-maps are the best. Click on a subject you want, and you see every semi-subject branching out from the main one. There are resourceful links, diagrams, and information that is sure to help out any student. I discovered GoConqr very recently, and I've been loving it so far.

So there you go! My top 6 study help websites! Hope these have been helpful for you. Tell me which websites you like best.
Keep writing! :)


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