Book Review : The Neighbor, Lisa Gardner

This is by far one of the absolute best psychological thrillers I have ever read.

I love psychological thrillers, and this book is definitely on my top 5. It is so, so well written, I could cry. 
Lisa Gardner has written a deep, disturbing story about a family with a secret. Maybe not A secret, quite a lot of secrets. The entire story line is so well developed. You suspect one person from the start, and it ends up being someone else entirely. I love it so much. 
This is what I wrote on goodreads:

The first page doesn't plunge into action. It drags you in slowly, and keeps you hanging by the last line of the first chapter. What you expect is never what is real. 
Every character in this book is amazing. Ree, Jason, Sandra; they are all so unbelievably real. Each person is so torn, like broken china dolls put hastily together by white glue; each piece ready to fall apart with one touch. I loved every one of them. 
I really can't write a spoiler-free review about this book, but I want people to read it. I want it to be known even more than it already is, because it's just so complex and brilliant. In the end, all loose strings are tied up neatly. It's just so satisfying and so deep and dark and - I AM DECEASED. 
I recommend this to everyone. Everyone who can handle the darkness, that is. 

I think that sums up just about how much I love this book.
Five out of five.

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