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Favorite Books Of 2016!

Yay, here's the happier version of my last post! 2016 surely had many, many downs, but one positive part was the amount of good books I read this year. Here goes, in no order whatsoever : 

1. Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

This book.  It is so, so, so good.  This is my very first Gillian Flynn book, and I absolutely loved it. People tell me her other two books are better than this, so I can't wait to get my hands on them either.

Least Favorite Books Of 2016

Here comes a bit of a controversial post to celebrate the new year, 2017. I've read many books in 2016, and while I have loved majority of them, it is no lie that there have been a few that I disliked. Greatly.
I mean no offense to the writers, or to the people who love these books. It's great that you enjoy them, and by all means continue doing so. This is just my opinion. I hope you will respect that.
In no order whatsoever: